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At Olympic Tent, we understand that each event is unique. That's why we offer a wide range of tent frame options, from the sleek MAXI II Frame System to elegant High Peak Tents. Our frames are engineered for ease of assembly, aesthetic appeal, and adherence to strict building codes, ensuring they meet your every need. dISCOVER YOUR PERFECT TENT STRUCTURE WITH OUR CUSTOMIZED FRAME OPTIONS.

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MAXI ii FRAME System

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— Structural engineering meets strict building code requirements when needed.

— Clear span frame tents eliminate the need for center poles.

— The first tent system to incorporate slide-in tops and sidewalls.

— Interchangeable parts mean less inventory is needed.

— Slide-in tops provide greater durability and a quieter tent.

— Carefully designed to provide the lowest cost of ownership and best ROI.

— Stock sizes range from 10’ to 50’ wide.

— Custom sizes are available.

MAXI II Frame System - The Pinnacle of Efficiency and Design

Introducing the MAXI II Frame System, renowned for being the fastest assembling frame system in the market. This innovative design offers:
    • Clear span frame tents for unobstructed space.
    • Slide-in tops and sidewalls for enhanced durability.
    • Interchangeable parts for inventory efficiency
.   • Custom sizes from 10’ to 50’ wide for any event scale.

Hip End Tents - Elegance Meets Versatility

Our Hip End Tents, ideal for weddings and special events, feature a gentle slope in all directions, combining style with functionality. Available in multiple sizes, these tents start with a Heavy Duty 2” frame and can be upgraded to our strongest tent, the Maxi Full Strength, for unparalleled wind resistance.

Gable End Tents - Contemporary Style with Practical Benefits

Experience the modern appeal of our Gable End Tents, featuring flat, vertical ends for efficient water runoff management. Perfect as extensions to buildings or for linking separate structures, these tents have soared in popularity due to their easy installation and versatile usage.

High Peak Tents - Majestic and Spacious

Our High Peak Tents are a sight to behold. Designed with a high center mast and cross cables, these tents maximize usable space while eliminating interior supports. The simple, elegant design ensures easy transportation and setup, ideal for a range of events

Beyond Events - Multifunctional Uses for Our Tent Frames

Olympic Tent frames are not just for parties and weddings. They are perfect for industrial uses, temporary warehouses, and educational outdoor spaces, demonstrating our commitment to versatility and innovation

Olympic Tent - Your Partner for Exceptional Tent Solutions

Choose Olympic Tent for a solution that combines innovative design, quality materials, and unrivaled service. Whether for a small gathering or a large festival, our tents are a sustainable investment. Don’t miss our special offers on canopy tents, party tents, and more.

Multi-colored Vinyl Decoration

Olympic Tent is a great option for small to large events including weddings, parties, corporate events, festivals and more!








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