Tailoring Tent Frames to Meet Every Unique Event Requirement

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Olympic Tent brings you a range of SUPERIOR tent tubing and frame systems, designed with precision and strength to meet your every event need. Our tubing is crafted from the finest materials using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring durability and ease of installation

Olympic Tent Tube Frame


Yellow Line

Olympic Tent offers various tube sizes, connectors and components to meet your strength needs. All of our connectors are welded steel components assembled in state-of-the-art fixtures to ensure accuracy, and clear zinc plating on all connectors ensures long lasting quality. Connectors in the Maxi SystemTM have additional holes for cross bolting to increase strength when needed in larger frames, and are compatible through the entire system. Brace bars connect directly into the function slot of the Maxi Tubes, eliminating bolt-on brackets. Frame components and tube parts connect with quick pins, bail pins or bolts. We use the best aluminum alloy to extrude 1″ pipe, 2″ tube and the specially shaped Maxi Tubes, then clear anodize the aluminum to provide protection from oxidation. Maxi Tube designs provide exceptional strength and greatly reduce installation time.

Tent Tubing Hardware

A Range of Tubing to Suit Every Requirement

2" Round Tubing

2" Round Tubing - Standard 2" Tube

An economical choice, this anodized tube is stronger than most, ideal for small tent environments and compatible with most Western frame systems.

Maxi Lite Track Tent Tubing

Maxi Lite Track Tent Tubing

A robust 2" tube system offering the benefits of slide-in fabric tops for various widths, providing a cost effective solution for smaller tents.

Maxi Tube Tent Tubing

Maxi Tube Te Tubing

Specially designed for larger tents (30', 40', 50' wide), offering superior strength without added weight, compatible with major canopy tent systems.

Maxi Tube II Tent Tubing

Maxi Tube II Tent Tubing

Features keder tracks for quick, easy tent top installation and enhanced stability, suitable for retrofitting round tube frame systems.

Maxi IV Tent Tubing

Maxi IV Tent Tubing

A new design allowing sidewalls to slide smoothly, with extra tracks for accessories like liners and lights, enhancing functionality.

Olympic Tent Frame System

The Strongest Frame System

Olympic Tent products are designed to save you money. Our system is the fastest installing frame tent on the market, saving insulation hours as well as our spent teaching the system to new installers.

Customizable Tubing for Diverse Tent Structures

Discover our variety of tubing sizes, connectors, and components, ideal for constructing robust tent frames. Our steel connectors are welded and zinc plated for long-lasting quality. The Maxi System™ connectors feature extra holes for cross-bolting, enhancing strength for larger frames, while brace bars integrate seamlessly into the Maxi Tubes."

Built to Last - American-Made Quality

All our tent tops and tubing are proudly made in Tacoma, Washington, using American-made materials. The high-quality aluminum alloy is extruded and anodized to protect against oxidation, ensuring our tubing stands the test of time and weather.

Efficiency Meets Innovation

Our frame systems are not only strong but also the fastest installing on the market. This efficiency reduces setup time and makes our systems ideal for new installers and seasoned professionals alike.

Olympic Tent: Pioneering Tent Technology

Choose Olympic Tent for tubing and frames that redefine strength and ease of use. From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, our solutions are tailored to make every installation seamless and every event extraordinary.

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